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Web Design + Brand Refinement

Kelley Wasson & Co.

Business Operations Consulting / Strategy Development

About The Brand

Kelley Wasson & Co. specializes in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs overwhelmed by operations. Offering operations consulting, strategic planning, and team development, Kelley streamlines business processes for clarity and growth. Her straightforward approach is crafted to transform challenging operations into efficient, manageable systems.

The website, still in development, reflects this commitment to simplicity and effectiveness. It's designed to be user-friendly, inviting entrepreneurs to explore services that simplify their business challenges. As the site progresses, it will continue to showcase Kelley's focus on helping businesses achieve their goals with practical solutions.

The Brand Vibe


Design Transformations

  • Strategic Web Design

  • Branding and Visual Identity Refinement

  • Electronic Press Kit (EPK) Creation

  • Brand Asset Graphics

Love Note from the Owner

"I can’t say enough good things about working with Keke on my biggest design projects. Not only is she a creative visionary but she truly understands the sales formula and how to visually attract your ideal customer and convert them into buyers quickly! I have never seen Keke design something that I didn’t love which is a true testament to her talent. She brought my brand to life and is my go-to resource for anyone who wants to shine on screen and make more money!"

- Kelley Wasson

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Official Website


Hi, I'm Keke!

Keke aka the Beauty Graphic Designer is a Pro MUA turned self-taught Graphic + Web Designer and Creative Director. Based in Chicago (yet serving worldwide!) she builds beautiful websites on WiX Studio. 

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