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Web Design + Brand Identity

Phoenix Rose

Handcrafted Skincare

About The Brand

Phoenix Rose Skin emerged from Gabrielle Lisa's personal journey to solve her struggle with dry, ashy skin. Unwilling to settle for the ineffective solutions available in stores, she delved into research and creation to develop Phoenix Rose's line of handcrafted whipped body butters. Designed for deep moisture without the residue, these butters blend natural, ethically sourced ingredients to ensure skin is left soft, supple, and beautifully hydrated. Each product, infused with captivating signature scents, promises a touch of luxury and effective relief for dry skin.

The website for mirrors the brand's commitment to luxury and effectiveness. It provides a seamless, inviting digital space where customers can explore and purchase the thoughtfully formulated body butters. Each product page highlights the unique benefits and captivating scents, ensuring an informative and enjoyable shopping experience.

The Brand Vibe


Design Transformations

  • Website

  • Brand Identity

  • Product Mockups

  • Marketing Assets

Love Note from the Owner

"Every design she delivers is exactly what I envisioned for Phoenix Rose Skin, if not better. The website she crafted isn’t just a site; it’s the heart of my brand made visible. It connects, it resonates—it’s me. Keke has this magic touch that makes everything align perfectly with my vision and my customers’ needs. Couldn’t have asked for more."

-Gabrielle Lisa

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Official Website

Hi, I'm Keke!

Keke aka the Beauty Graphic Designer is a Pro MUA turned self-taught Graphic + Web Designer and Creative Director. Based in Chicago (yet serving worldwide!) she builds beautiful websites on WiX Studio. 

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