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Hey Jane Doe! 👋🏾

Welcome to Your Website Makeover Sneak Peek 👀

As a fellow beauty enthusiast and entrepreneur, I'm excited to share this exclusive preview of the mock-up site I've custom-designed for you. This design aims to capture the essence of your business from what I gathered online and translate it into a stunning online presence that truly represents you and connects with your audience.

In light of my soft launch, I'm offering a beta price to a select number of beauty professionals like yourself. This allows you to get a new website at a discounted rate and be part of an exciting process to help fine-tune my Website Makeover service before it officially goes public.

I'm excited for you to see what I've designed and would love to partner with you!

Instructions to Preview Site:

  1. Click on the video below to start watching

  2. Afterwards, fill out the feedback form

  3. And that's it!

Hi Jane Doe,

the Website Makeover Sneak Peek 👀 has expired–but you can still book a Virtual Preview to see it!

Your custom mock-up site is now available through a virtual call. The original landing page expired after a week, but you can still preview your site with me in real-time.

Please schedule a time at your earliest convenience to take advantage of the limited beta offer pricing.

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Press Play to View

Feedback & Next Steps:

Thank you for reviewing the mock-up of your potential new website. Your feedback is crucial and will help me create a site that truly represents your brand with a Website Makeover if you're interested in moving forward.


Please complete the form below to provide your insights, even if you're not currently considering a Website Makeover. Your input is valuable and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Interest in a Website Makeover

Note: This is a limited beta offer available to 4 beauty professionals

Would you be interested in a full website makeover like the one presented?
Yes, definitely
Possibly, need more information
Not at this time

Your General Impression:

Brand Reflection:

How well do you think the mock-up reflects your brand's identity and essence?
Very well
Somewhat well
Not very well
Not at all

Current Website Satisfaction:

How satisfied are you with your current website's design and functionality?
Very Satisfied
Very Dissatisfied

Communication Effectiveness:

Do you find yourself having to repeat information that is already on your website to clients?

Current Website Issues:

What are the biggest pain points you experience with your current website? (Select all that apply)

Goals & Expectations:

What are your main goals for your website? (Select all that apply)

Competitive Edge:

Current Tools & Platforms:

What tools or platforms do you currently use to manage bookings, customer communication, and marketing? (Select all that apply)

Feedback and Specific Takeaways:

Please Enter Your Info to Finalize:

Please provide your info below to finalize your feedback submission.

What is your preferred method of contact for follow-up?
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