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How to Update DNS for Klaviyo on WiX – Google & Yahoo Email Sending Compliance

Photo Credit: Klaviyo


You're probably reading this because you've got an email from Klaviyo about new changes affecting Google and Yahoo mail services. Feeling confused and frustrated about not being able to adjust the DNS Name Server (NS) settings as Klaviyo directs, especially when you find out that you can only make these adjustments on WiX, to then discover you can't really do it there either?! 😩

Whew chille... You're not alone.

I crafted this guide to cut through the confusion of DNS updates for Klaviyo on WiX, offering a straightforward solution based on my own journey—saving you the hassle of reaching out to support and the hours it takes to figure this all out... you can thank me later! 😜

Why This Post?:

The email from Klaviyo regarding Google and Yahoo updates left many of us annoyed. Like, 'Dang, another update?!' But, we've got to keep up with these changes anyhow so let's just rip the bandaid so your email list continues to receive your amazing emails per usual.

Step-by-Step Guide:

The Key to Simplification:

When setting up your branded sending domain in Klaviyo, picking 'Static' is your straightforward choice. This lets Klaviyo give you CNAME records, bypassing the need to mess with NS records altogether, which WiX doesn't handle the way we need it to.

Implementing CNAME Records on WiX:

  1. Access DNS Settings: Log into your WiX account and head to 'Settings' > 'Domains'. Pick your domain, click the 3 dots, and select the 'Manage DNS' area.

  2. Add CNAME Records: "With 'Static' selected in Klaviyo, they'll give you the CNAME details. Just add each one in WiX. Here’s how you do it:

  • Record Type: CNAME

  • Host Name: send

  • Points to:

  • Repeat this for each CNAME record Klaviyo provides.

Screenshot showing successful CNAME and TXT record verification in Klaviyo's DNS settings, indicating a correct setup with Wix for email deliverability compliance.
This is what it'll look like when setup is a success!

If Issues Continue:

If you still have issues, don't worry!

  • Double-Check Klaviyo's Instructions: Make sure 'Static' was selected and you've entered the CNAME details correctly.

  • WiX Support: Their customer service is top tier so reach out to them if you're still stuck.

  • Klaviyo Chat Support: If you have access, reach out to them 1st as that's where the main changes are being made and their paid support is pretty helpful.


This guide should make updating DNS settings for Klaviyo on WiX easier, helping you comply to the latest email service requirements.

If this guide saved you some time, or if you have questions, drop me a line in the comments!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long does it take for DNS changes to take effect on WiX for Klaviyo?

A: Usually, DNS updates can take up to 48 hours to fully propagate, but sometimes you hit the jackpot, and it updates almost instantly, that's what happened for me!

Q: What if I can't access Klaviyo's paid support?

A: No stress! That's why I made this guide. Follow the steps, and you'll be good-to-go. If you're truly stuck, WiX's support is pretty solid, even for the non tech-savy.

Q: Can I still use my Google or Yahoo email for sending with Klaviyo?

A: As of the latest updates—nope. You'll need to set up a branded sending domain to keep your emails landing right where they should.

Q: Is choosing the "Static" option in Klaviyo the right move for everyone?

A: If you're using WiX to host your domain, then absolutely. It streamlines the process by giving you CNAME records, sidestepping the whole NS record headache.



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