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Level-Up Your LinkedIn Posts by Asking This ONE Question + 6 BONUS Tips!

Phone graphic of Jasmin Alić & Keke the Beauty Graphic Designer on a virtual stage during a LinkedIn Live Audio Event
Level-Up your LinkedIn posts by asking this ONE (simple) question.

I got to ask top LinkedIn creator Jasmin Alić one question about writing high-performing posts. His response? Surprisingly simple.

And if you missed his live audio event… I got you!

Here’s the “transcript”:

🎤 Me: “When writing your post's content, which do you start with first? For example, do you start with your end goal in mind and work your way back, or with your hook and go from there?”

🎤 Jasmin: "Simply answer ONE question. That one question is: ‘What is the main point that I’m trying to communicate in my post?’… quite literally, what is the main thing that you want your audience to learn from this post?
For example, for my post tomorrow… what is the thing that I want YOU to learn?
So I start my post with: ‘If I had to start all over again on LinkedIn, here’s what I would do’…
And THAT’s my hook! — literally the first line.
Trust me, it speeds up the process so much.
Simply answer that ONE question and 9 times out of 10, you’ll have a perfect hook and you won’t even need to edit anything.”

[& fin!] 🎬

That’s it, y’all! Hopefully, you found this to be helpful, especially if you didn’t get to make the live audio event.

Here are 6 more takeaways I gained from the 💯 questions he answered:

🗣️ Share EVERYTHING! (even if you think you don’t know much) Show your process, BTS, what you’ve learned… everything. It’s about transparency and growth.

🙅🏾‍♀️ Skip the Pics (not every post requires a fancy graphic, plus text-only posts are successful here). Sometimes, simplicity speaks volumes.

🧐 Understand your audience’s challenges to offer solutions with your content.

♻️ Repost your own content hours later (preferably 6). Timing can amplify your message.

🗓️ Schedule and set more time to engage every day to see real results. He had designated hours strictly for posting/engaging and strictly for DMing.

💪🏾 Be consistent, but keep in mind that doesn’t mean post everyday either. If you post twice a week that could suffice. Whatever consistent means for you. As long as you engage daily bare min you should see improvements, esp if you’re a newbie like me!

💬 Comment on others’ posts, not just the top creators. Bonus points if you add value, ask questions, or simply comment where others can benefit and continue the convo.

SHARE ⤴️ these LinkedIn Tips with one of your beauty biz besties!

P.S: Wanna join the next event?! Make sure to follow Jasmin on LinkedIn and ME TOO of course :) P.P.S: Which one of these tips will you try?! Share in the comments & let’s chat it up!

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